What am I up to now? 🤔

I don’t entirely know what I’m doing here but let me hazard a guess – neither do most people.

I haven’t posted much here as i was Still Figuring It Out. What am I about, oh but its not right yet, what is this page for, I haven’t got ‘my offering’ or ‘my message’ or ‘my thing’ clear enough yet. And thats all still true. But do I HAVE to have it all figured out? I’m coming round to the idea that nah, I don’t think so. There might be some value in just doing and seeing where it leads me (and if that leads me back to the sofa then ok 😂).

I’m surrounded by many leaders making change in this world. Taking a stand for what they believe in and what they can offer in service. (Vulnerable bit coming up….) I feel completely inadequate in comparison. I don’t have ‘my mission’ figured out. Wow that bugs me sometimes (ok, a lot 😩).

However I’m told by people round me I do awesome things they admire. I certainly seem to go through a lot of journeys and learn a lot. I’ve been thinking it would have been cool if I’d have written down more of the experiences along the way. So here we go. Random musings from the Land of Jen. The current journeys I am on include:
1) Leadership in small business, business growth and making things happen in gymnastics 2) Health and thyroid healing. 3) Cats. 4) Single lifestyle which may or may not involve: 5) Dating, the hilarity and pain of online dating in my 30’s. 6) Aerial hoop and performance 7) Kindness and understanding 8) ALWAYS learning.

Will this be an amazing, insightful eclectic mix of awesomeness? Or a ‘well thats 5 minutes of my life i’m never getting back’ or even a ‘who does this girl think she is?’ Who knows. Results in your own responses 👍.

Love Jen ❤️

Ps Requests welcome