Coaching with Wisdom and Glitter

Jen is a business owner, a gymnast and aerialist, a pizza lover and cat fanatic but most importantly: a coach and leader.

She founded and leads the highly successful Affinity Gymnastics; an innovative company in the sports industry and is an advocate for doing things differently. Believing that there’s always a Secret Option solution to any issue, she’s awesome at seeing the skills and abilities in everyone and championing each person’s individualities.

Having been on her own journey of personal development, she knows that mindset is everything. Now she combines her sports coaching background with her experiences to help you find freedom in your thoughts and with your actions, to move forwards towards whatever you desire.

Jen believes coaching is for all, no matter what you are doing in life or aspire to.

Get involved with the magic!

Jen shares her magic in three ways:

A Coach

Jen is a certified One Of Many coach and is fully behind the mission to equip one million women with the tools of Soft Power. It’s through this way of working and being that Jen has been able to achieve greater fun and freedom in her own life and is able to be on this website now telling you this! (Before she was a little burnout and very much hiding her sparkle). She greatly resonates with the One of Many call to do more, give more, be more…. and leave a powerful legacy.

The One of Many journey is a 12-week program designed to:

  • Help you create create a major shift/transformation in an area of your life which is causing you frustration.
  • Let go of the habits of Superwoman and create better results with less push and effort.
  • Learn how to use a new kind of power to achieve, without burnout and sacrificing those things which are most important to you.
  • You will discover your Women’s PowerTypes and how to use them to create the changes you want to see.

A Consultant

Jen is an expert within the gymnastics industry but her skills and experiences are relevant to many types of small business, sole traders and entrepreneurs. She can help ‘wave her magic wand’ in the areas of:

  • Small business and championing leadership.
  • Business brainstorming and planning.
  • Innovative solutions – there’s always a Secret Option!
  • Creating awesome teams: seeing each persons unique skills and how these work together.
  • Utilising the One of Many tools with gymnasts and athletes.
  • She’s also a British Gymnastics tutor and assessor and can run various gymnastics workshops for coaches and gymnasts.

A Speaker

Jen loves to share her story to help motivate and inspire others. She’s available for speaking engagements of any size and can tailor the content for your context.

Her story will inspire and her vibrancy will entertain! (We did mention how she’s all about fun, pizza, cats and glitter (as well as the work) right?!

The journey was a dose of individual eye opening moments, reminders of what I am truly capable of. I feel stronger now than I have for a long time. Jen is compassionate, understanding and patient. I felt that Jen heard me. Gentle guidance towards bigger goals and a braver life is how I would describe this journey. Highly recommended, and a treat for the soul, giggles included!


What is Jen up to next? Stay updated here 🙂

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